Friday, September 2, 2011

Power Outage

The power in your office has been out for the last two hours and has just come back on. When you attempt to start your computer by pressing the power button, nothing happens. What is your next step before calling technical support?

I've been in a kind of similar problem, I used to freak out because of the power went out because everything I used was under electricty. If the computer still wouldn't come on after my second attemp, I would take the battery out and then lt it sit for like two mins and then try again, you treat a laptop like a phone; when the phone is frozen or isn't working properly then we take the battery out and then let it sit for a couple of mins after that you put the battery back in and it works good again. A lot of times we charge our items too long and durning the wrong times, just because you aren't using the laptop doesn't mean you have to charge it, the more you charge it the less the battery life would last because you charged it soo much( I am witness to this from my previous laptop) After you let the battery sit for a min and properly put it back in then the laptop will be working good as new! :)